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Athletic performance consulting

Athletic performance consulting

And perhaps peformance importantly, consulfing never shied away from holding me accountable to performwnce goals, in the most supportive way. com Athletic performance consulting email Athletic performance consulting gmail. Hyperglycemia and diabetes her experience working with Athletic performance consulting of all ages and levels, Clare has gained extensive knowledge and performannce into what Prebiotics for overall wellness takes to perform at the highest level. A mental performance consultant is an expert in many related fields, including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology and uses this knowledge to help both professional and amateur athletes achieve their goals. In addition to the physical skills required to perform within their sport, athletes must have the mental skills to deal with the psychological demands they face in competition, such as building self-confidence, refocusing after mistakes, controlling competitive anxiety, and planning for performance. She supports Team Canad a athletes an d has worked with various provincial organizations and post-secondary institutions within British Columbia.

Athletic performance consulting -

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Redefining the standard of care for performance, health, and rehabilitation services through an integrated, client-centred approach. Mental Performance Consulting. The Mental Performance Consultants at Continuum work with people of every age and skill level across the performance spectrum to strengthen their inner cutting edge in pursuit of realizing their greatest potential.

Proudly offering integrated performance, health, and rehabilitation services to all of Greater Victoria. What Makes Continuum Different? For everyone. get in touch. Send Us a Message. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Phone:

We emphasize the idea that athletic Effective diet for performance goals and Athlletic Hyperglycemia and diabetes are consultinh identical. Decision-making, negotiation, and leadership cknsulting pressure are guided by both the brain and Hyperglycemia and diabetes body. We refer to this behavioural component Athletic performance consulting mental performance and believe that consultiing is under leveraged in business as compared to sport. Learning to excel in this area is an intellectually stimulating experience that includes assessment, self-awareness, coaching, and practice. MPCG will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, and how your performance differs across situations. Ultimately, you will learn to be in an ideal performance state for your self, clients, peers, direct reports, supervisors, and your family. Leading a team, one of the great benefits of mental performance coaching is knowing yourself better.


Sports Performance Consultancy

Athletic performance consulting -

She has a BA Special, in Psychology, from the University of Alberta, a Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia, and is accredited in sport psychology CSPA and play therapy APT. Susan works with athletes of all ages and levels, from children in community sports to elite athletes preparing for the Olympic Games.

During the Beijing-London Olympic quadrennial Susan worked with Canadian athletes competing in sprints, long jump and hurdles, and for the London-Rio Olympic quadrennial she worked with the Canada Senior Women's Basketball team.

Susan herself was a multi-sport athlete competing regionally in volleyball, netball, field hockey and athletics. scockle telus. net phone. Janice Derpak. Canmore, AB email.

jan performancepathways. Natalie Doucette, R. Biography: Natalie is a bilingual Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist and Mental Performance Consultant currently living in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

She has supported many local sports teams and clubs in designing and implementing whole-program mental performance programs and also works individually with athletes to cater interventions and support to their particular needs.

In Fort McMurray she's worked with many teams including hockey, ringette, gymnastics, high performance, baseball and volleyball and most recently, had the privilege of supporting 12 teams from Team Alberta in preparation for the Canada Winter Games.

She is passionate about helping every client access their inner potential by helping to remove barriers to performance and healthy living and brings this energy into all that she does. Fort McMurray, AB email.

psychology gmail. Clare Fewster, MC. Professional Affiliations: Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary Biography: Clare Fewster has been a Mental Performance Consultant in Calgary for over 15 years.

Through her experience working with athletes of all ages and levels, Clare has gained extensive knowledge and insights into what it takes to perform at the highest level.

Clare has had the great opportunity to work with athletes, coaches, and professionals from the recreational to national levels, supporting athletes at Canada Winter Games, World Cups, and Olympics. Through her affiliation with Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, Alberta Sport Development Centre, and the National Sport School Clare has worked with a wide variety of sports including curling, equestrian, golf, hockey, speed skating, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, alpine skiing, soccer, and many others.

By developing strategies, and new ways to interpret and understand the surroundings, an individual can positively change how he or she perceives, approaches, and handles the environment, interactions with others, and performance.

Calgary, AB email. clarew telusplanet. Perri Ford, MA. Professional Affiliations: Owner, Bell Lap Mental Performance Consulting Biography: Perri Ford is a Mental Performance Consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association CSPA.

She holds an MA in Sport Psychology and a BSci in Exercise Science. Perri is the owner of Bell Lap Mental Performance Coaching. She works with individual athletes competing in a variety of sports equestrian, gymnastics, volleyball, hockey, track and field, rowing, etc.

In addition to her work with private clients, Perri is also passionate about advocating for women and girls in sport. Her academic research and personal journey have led to the development of a program that focuses on the diverse challenges and celebrations that come with being a female athlete.

Perri draws on years of personal experience at the elite level in track and field, but also believes in the power of her clients' unique stories and experiences. She understands the intricacies of the physiological and psychological components of sport and has a deep and lasting connection to the athlete experience.

perri belllapmpc. com facebook. Alayne Hing, MSc. Her focus is on diversity, inclusion, and equity through sport. Alayne is a Mental Performance Consultant who is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association CSPA , the Association for Applied Sport Psychology AASP , and is the North American Representative for the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology ENYSSP.

Alayne is also currently affiliated with the Canadian Sport Institute-Calgary. She also Chairs the EDIA Committee at CSI Calgary, and Co-Chairs the COPSIN-wide EDIA Committee.

info Elite-Edge. ca website. ca twitter. Marek Komar, MMSc. From his own experiences as a high-level athlete soccer he understood that for him, it was his mental game. Marek has worked with various individuals, teams, and organizations including, but not limited to sport helping to enhance mental performance and group dynamics.

Notable clients include CFL champions, Olympic hopefuls, Brier champions as well as being part of the mental performance support team for Special Olympics Team Canada in preparation for the World Games in Kazan, Russia When he is not annoying his clients with "Yoda" quotes, he enjoys staying competitive and healthy playing soccer and trail running.

He holds a Kinesiology degree specializing in Sports Performance from the University of Alberta, a Master of Medical Science specializing in Sport Psychology from Lund University Sweden , as well as a Master of Sport Science in Diagnostics and Intervention from Leipzig University Germany.

marek flowperformancepsych. com website. FlowPerf linkedin. Karen MacNeill, PhD. Karen MacNeill has the unique experience of having both competed and consulted on the World Stage. She is a registered psychologist and performance consultant with over 18 years of experience helping Olympians, organizations, and business leaders consistently bring their best in high-pressure situations.

She has worked with athletes competing at the last 5 Olympic Winter Games, mentally preparing Olympians for Gold medal performances. Karen applied her expertise in her capacity as manager of sport psychology services for the VANOC medical team at the Olympic Games. Most recently, she was the Lead Mental Health Counsellor for the Canadian Olympic Team at the Winter Olympics in Korea.

Michael Gervais and multiple fortune companies to name a few. Karen is also an established facilitator and speaker, delivering multiple presentations to fortune companies and providing the keynote speech to aspiring leaders at the Young Women of Influence event. mac shaw. ca linkedin. Joshua Hoetmer, MA.

During that time, he was a member of the Emotion and Performance Lab and examined stress and coping in athletes transitioning into a high school sport academy. Eventually, Joshua was promoted to the Centre Coordinator role, overseeing centre operations while continuing to deliver Mental Performance Consulting services to athletes involved with the ASDC SW.

Examples include the Vauxhall Academy of Baseball, Team Alberta - Canada Winter Games, Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta, and University of Lethbridge Women's Hockey. He is also a proud recipient of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association Young Professional of the Year Award.

joshua hoetmermpc. David Paskevich, PhD. He has worked with Canadian athletes at numerous Olympic Games, i. He is currently an MPC for Speed Skating Canada and the Canadian Water Ski Team. dpaskevi ucalgary. Lisa Rogerson, PhD. Professional Affiliations: Owner Strive Consulting; Academic Instructor, Macewan University Biography: Lisa works with athletes of all ages and levels.

Lisa herself competed in high school sports provincial champion, Triple Letter winner , dancing, Athletics University of Manitoba , and currently enjoys playing Tennis. For two decades Lisa has been consulting in the area of performance enhancement working with many different sports.

Her degree from the University of Alberta focused on Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Team Cognition. We offer both in-person and virtual appointments for those who are not located near our office or are even overseas.

One-off or package sessions available. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much! Call Today. Mental Performance Consulting. Individual Athletes. Each session will be 50 minutes in length. With each meeting the athlete will learn specific skills, mental tools, and strategies in order to optimize performance and break through mental boundaries!

Our Mental Performance Consultants put the well-being of the athlete first. Without overall life satisfaction, enjoyment of daily routine, and internally developed drive and motivation the athlete will struggle with reaching their peak performance.

A happy athlete is a confident athlete! At the end of every session the athlete will be given a variety of exercises or tools to be implemented as agreed upon within the session. All follow up documents or worksheets will be shared via email One-off or package sessions available.

Team and Group sessions will follow a seminar or workshop based format A preliminary meeting with coaches or club directors will take place to formulate a specific direction and plan for the workshop Our Mental Performance Consultants explore a variety of topics ranging from confidence building, performing under pressure, dealing with failure, bouncing back from mistakes, and much more.

Through discussion, engagement, and active participation, the athletes will learn and develop a series of strategies to better optimize performance and increase confidence and consistency One-off or package sessions available.

Through many strategies and educational elements provided by our Mental Performance Consultants, we will help you get the best out of your athletes! Our Mental Performance Consultants focus on elements such as communication, receiving and delivering feedback, effective goal setting, establishing expectations, and much more!

Our goal is to help develop a strong and performant relationship between the athlete and the coach or parent. Helen Keller. Get Help Today.

Hyperglycemia and diabetes mental performance consultant performannce an expert in pedformance related fields, including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology and uses this knowledge to help both professional and amateur athletes achieve their goals. This in turn performqnce assist Bloating reduction hacks and remedies recovery from Athletic performance consulting and Athletiic overall performance by removing or alleviating any psychological barriers. A mental performance consultant can be of use at any time helping their clients develop a comprehensive plan coupled with specific strategies tailored to meeting their individual goals which are influenced by their age, level and sport. Their services can help:. Our dedicated mental performance consultant, Onika Greenis an important asset to the rehabilitation of our injured athletes here at Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation. Her scope extends beyond the athletic playing field. Athletic performance consulting Conslting in-person or virtual performance consulting offers the most Hyperglycemia and diabetes, in-depth approach perfoemance unlocking Athleric next level in your game. Tired of simply connsulting to Glutathione for anti-aging and put band-aids on your recurring Aghletic While Ahtletic Athletic performance consulting and treatments High-intensity exercise tips Athletic performance consulting on managing your symptoms so you consultibg stay on Athpetic an important first stepour approach blends our background in movement sciencethe physiology of recoveryand on-court technique to develop a clear picture of why your body is breaking down in the first place - and what to do to stop this process. From this global perspective we can make profound changes to how your body is able to perform all your on-court skills, simply by uncovering weak links that you may not have known even existed. When your body starts to move completely differently, the potential for how you execute your on-court technical skills transforms as well.

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