When bicyclists, motorcyclist or pedestrians are involved in a crash with automobiles, the damage to humans is significant and many times, fatal.   And it appears most people tend to be unfamiliar with the rules of sharing the roadways. When alcohol is in the mix, traveling in any mode is extremely dangerous. This campaign utilizes a variety of media and video tools to reach cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and especially motorists to emphasize how to safely share our roadways.

Produced by Emmy© Award winning Christopher Productions, LLC in association with SafeTeen New Mexico; sponsors for the program include NM Dept. of Transportation, Bernalillo County Substance Abuse Prevention, the City of Albuquerque, State Farm Insurance and Bike ABQ.

Our Sponsors:

 NM DOT    Bernalillo Country, State of New Mexico    sponsor-CitySealClear     State Farm       Bike ABQ

New Mexico Dept. of Transportation
Bernalillo County Substance Abuse Prevention Programs
City of Albuquerque
State Farm
Bike ABQ

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