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Sports Performance Research

Sports Performance Research

However, only four studies were able to explain the Sports Performance Research. Weinberg, Ressearch. Specialty Chief Editor Elite Sports and Performance Enhancement.


What gives Elite Athletes the Edge? - Janne Mortensen - TEDxOdense Introduction: Intervention programs in sports psychology aid to modify the thoughts Rwsearch behaviors of athletes Exercise routine order Rwsearch improve Sports Performance Research performance in sports Perfoormance. For high-performance Sport, these interventions are very relevant, given appetite control during the holidays they Sports Performance Research face pressure Researcu obtaining sporting achievements. Methods: This systematic review aims to analyze the scientific articles between and that evaluated the effect of psychological interventions on high-performance athletes. In the search procedure, nine studies were selected, the most studied variables were psychological skills, psychological flexibility, and stress. Discussion: Psychological interventions have a positive impact on sports performance. This review allows sports institutions and professionals to have more knowledge and resources at their disposal to implement these types of programs in their sports planning. Sports Performance Research

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