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Clear mind habits

Clear mind habits

Habkts your space is Clear mind habits, your mind will be clear. An electron, or a subatomic quark. Explore the agenda for Uplift April 10—11 in SF.

Clear mind habits -

Contact Sales. Get Started. All Using Hive Project management How teams work in Hive Productivity Remote and hybrid work. Thomas Oppong September 4, If you have a particular worldview, it can be helpful to challenge it with new evidence or viewpoints.

Seek credible assumptions. New information never hurts anyone and can even be beneficial in the long run. Spend time with people who challenge your own thinking. To grow and develop as a thinker, you need people with different ways of seeing things.

Good thinkers diversity their day, routine or ritual at least once a week. Make reading a daily habit. Reading stimulates your brain and improves both your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. When reading an article, listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video, take notes on what stood out for you.

Stay away from people who only agree with you or those who pester you until you agree with them instead; this will only hinder your growth. Make it a habit to think about how your thought process works and try to find flaws in your logic if applicable. Pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling at any given time.

By watching your thoughts, you can become more aware of how your mind works and how you can improve its function. Avoid overwork or deep mental strain if you can: it can make it harder for your brain to perform at peak efficiency.

Everyone has gaps in their knowledge. Always consider the second and third-order consequences of your actions. When trying to solve a problem, use all four quadrants by drawing connections between different parts of your brain.

Think for yourself: question everything you hear and see without accepting anything at face value. Be willing to be wrong — even though this may feel uncomfortable initially, it will ultimately serve you in the long run.

A smarter brain thrives on something new. New things strengthen the connections between your neurons and create new pathways for information to flow through your brain more efficiently.

For starters, five or ten minutes of sitting in meditative silence can be helpful. And as you gain discipline and experience you may want to increase your time to twenty or thirty minutes.

A famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi stated,. He was referring to the fact that the benefits of meditation were so helpful that he would be more productive on a hectic day if he spent a little more time preparing with meditation first! There are many books and websites dedicated to the practice of meditation.

But the basic steps are to sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breath. If thoughts arise, acknowledge them and let them go, and return to focusing on your breath. Set a timer for five minutes and then forget about it. Just focus on your breathing.

When the timer goes off, open your eyes slowly and do some gentle stretching. When you are ready, get up and carry on with your day with better clarity and mindfulness. Aromatherapy can enhance your meditation practice as well as bring clarity through the sense of smell.

Internist Yufang Lin, at the Cleveland Clinic, suggests that some essential oils can have rejuvenating effects. For example, peppermint may promote clearer thinking.

Rosemary may enhance memory. And Citrus scents like lemon and orange may be uplifting. Diffusing oils in an area where you are working might have beneficial results on Mental Clarity. If you have too many thoughts swirling around in your head fighting for your attention, focus on what matters most.

For example, if your mind is bogged down with your daily to-do list, write it down so you can look at it from another perspective and batch your tasks into individual groups. By getting it out of your head and onto paper, you can get organized and prioritize your list.

Fragmented thinking is not an effective way of accomplishing anything. So choose the most important thing first and then work on the following tasks one at a time. A simple but very effective way to boost mental clarity is to take a walk. But how can something so easy make such a difference in how you think?

Why does it seem to clear our heads? One reason is the fact that walking increases blood flow. When you have more blood flow reaching the brain, it stimulates the release of endorphins. These are neurochemicals that make us feel good and reduce stress and pain.

Many of the great thinkers throughout history accredited long walks with inspiration and problem-solving. Walking is one of the most common ways to boost mental clarity and clear away the brain fog. The foods or substances you are putting into your body are affecting your thinking, either positively or negatively.

Eating healthy foods and avoiding extra salty or sugary foods can help maintain brain health. Too many carbs and sugar can spike blood glucose levels, leaving you feeling depressed, tired and irritable.

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