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Awakens a sense of bliss

Awakens a sense of bliss

And perhaps Awskens is. This can be a crisis, an Anti-obesity initiatives and radical change to your Anti-obesity initiatives of Awajens and sense of self, and be very hard Anti-obesity initiatives live Reducing exercise-induced muscle damage. The Awkaens obvious danger is the danger for all spiritual states— namely spiritual bypassing. You've probably heard talk of spiritual awakenings and how they can lead to more enlightened dare we say, "woke" people. The Youtube version may be listened to a number of times throughout your day 1 — 5. Once this higher state of grace is over you descend back into the body, into this denser reality space.

Awakens a sense of bliss -

This is the exact same reason why taking drugs to stimulate awakening will not work because awakening is not a mental state. Any state is temporary. Awakening does not come and go depending on your mood or mental state.

I believe that there are a few good indicators to determine the difference between a genuine awakening versus another mental state or construct.

Of course, as with most things there are no guarantees, and the practitioner should always be aware of the tendency of the ego to co-opt a genuine spiritual awakening as its own. As the Katha Upanishad says, " The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard.

A few characteristics from my own experience that I believe are the hallmarks of a genuine awakening:. In most cases, but not all, recognition of our true nature Awareness always comes as a surprise.

You can read about it, hear about it but when the recognition happens it is always a surprise. Everybody I know who has had this experience is always surprised by the utter obviousness and simplicity of the recognition that our essential nature is us.

It is not an experience. It does not come and go depending on how good or bad you feel that day. There is a perceptual shift in how you experience the world. It is not an energy transfer or shaktipat.

No teacher can give you this recognition, you have to find it for yourself. Awakening is Not Permanent Bliss. Oct 16 Written By Vivek. Tree in Fog. The eye does not see As we start looking deeply into the nature of our experience, we commonly make the mistaken assumption that there is world of objects out there, and we, as the subject experience the world as separate from us.

That is a gift of the state but also potentially a curse. Traumas, addictions, and nervous system disturbance are endemic within our culture.

In that context, spirituality can then become a siren song, calling us wounded beings to an easy escape from dealing with our challenges on the level which they exist. For example, if you have an emotional problem, then you need to deal with it on the emotional level of your being. This return of the emotional problem can leave a sense of despair in the practitioner.

Worse still, the emotional problem or addiction or trauma can come back charged with spiritual energy. With Bliss this is doubly the case given how strongly energetic in some cases even erotic the experience is.

A person with a trauma pattern can easily spin out from an injection of Bliss—i. they can experience a dissociative state. Consequently anyone teaching Bliss needs to be very aware of the risks involved and screen accordingly.

This one is straightforward. Bliss is definitely beyond our human conceptions of good and evil. It is deeply freeing to be released from our subtle bindings of wanting to be good people. But when Bliss is idealized as the final summit of spiritual perfection as it often is then we have a serious issue on our hands.

Bliss does not give any indication about ethical behavior one way or another. Bliss is not interested in such matters. Not at all. In the most extreme cases, this can led a human being to claim that they are beyond good and evil.

Charlie Manson made just such a claim btw. Abuse by spiritual teachers, cultism and the like all flow from this basic error. This element is also quite clear.

Not only does the spiritual state of Bliss have no orientation to right or wrong, it has no orientation to purpose. It has no point. It has no direction or aim.

This can be radically destabilizing and disorienting for the realizer. Again, if Bliss is articulated as the final, ultimate point of spiritual realization of a human life even , which in some cases it is, then the final point is pointless.

Bliss SIMPLY IS. It cannot be owned. Only something with direction, aim, or purpose can be followed. Bliss has no aim, purpose, or direction. And this, like all addictions, is an unhealthy response to unhealed trauma. Given the severity of these dangers associated with Bliss maybe Bliss should be abandoned altogether?

There is a reason the Indian tradition valued Bliss so highly by naming it as one of its triad of spiritual realization. Bliss has something to teach us about being human that nothing else can.

Bliss has an utterly unique wisdom associated with it. If we deny Bliss altogether we lose access to that very important truth of our humanity. Bliss is part of us whether we acknowledge it or not. The only choice is whether we make Bliss a conscious, integrated aspect of our human existence or not.

If we choose not, then we will suffer the consequences of not owning this aspect of ourselves. Unconscious Bliss leads us forever seeking for some release elsewhere and forever suffering right where we are.

Therefore, the question we needing be asking is: how can we incorporate the beauty of Bliss without its dark sides taking over? Proper Preparation Teachers should be open and honest with students about the dangers of bliss. Students should not be introduced to Bliss until they have some capacity to properly regulate their nervous system , understand their emotions and relate to them in a healthy fashion , as well as having learned how to work with their shadow.

They will also have to be introduced to other somewhat safer spiritual states first, like Peacefulness , Presence , Awakened Heart and so on. Only then are they ready to be introduced to Bliss. This site is dedicated to The Soul. It is The Soul, in other words, that is the proper context for integration of our spiritual nature.

For a little more on soul versus spirit see here and here. In very very broad strokes, spiritual enlightenment teachings of all varieties almost always advocate that our spiritual nature is the proper context for us to live as awakened beings.

I get the argument but just look at the term: spirit -ual teachings. The bias is right there in the name. I define our spiritual nature as that which is universal and the same for all of us.

Bliss is one expression, one state of our spiritual nature. The second stage of a spiritual awakening is kind of what it sounds like: a very rough patch—the lowest patch, in fact. In many ways, this is when your soul is recalibrating, stripping away all aspects of the ego.

It's very challenging, but once you hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up—forcing you to make a real change. Once you've made it through your dark night of the soul, you're ready to begin creating your new and improved, "awake" life. In the third phase, it's all about trying things on for size and exploring, Kaiser says.

You begin branching out, trying different hobbies, religions, relationships, etc. As Kaiser explains, Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening or "comprehension," derived from the Japanese verb satoru. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, it refers to kenshō , or "seeing into one's true nature.

Think you've reached enlightenment yet? Not quite. The fifth stage, which Kaiser refers to as the "soul sessions," can take some time. You're building the actual structure in your life through which your true spirit can thrive. This can take some trial and error and lots of different strategies.

During this time which can take years—even decades—BTW , your soul is growing and healing as you discover the routines and rituals that work for you. The second-to-last step in the awakening process, surrendering is all about releasing any remaining structures, beliefs, or facets of the ego that are keeping you from your truth.

By this point, you've gotten to know your soul, you've figured out a lifestyle that works for you, but there may still be people or habits that hold you back. This is where you will release them so you can fully step into your power. And finally, we have awareness and service.

Kaiser says this is full awareness of your own divinity in every moment, as you flow through life with grace and clarity. You live in service to others , which brings you great happiness and contentment. While it may not be easy, many would attest that spiritual awakenings are well worth the effort.

So, if you want to make space in your life to start your spiritual journey , Richardson recommends developing daily, weekly, or monthly spiritual practices like meditation , mindfulness , and gratitude , for example. In addition to that, "find people you resonate with spiritually that you can talk to," she suggests.

You can look for books or podcasts about spirituality that resonate with you, as well. Spiritual awakenings are complicated, profound, and nothing short of life-changing—in the best way.

While they may not be easy, they will improve your life for the better with patience, trial and error, and a bit of time. If you find yourself in one, all there is to do is trust the process, hang on tight, and prepare for a newly awakened life.

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Close Banner. Author: Sarah Regan. By Sarah Regan. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York. What is a spiritual awakening?

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Summary A spiritual awakening occurs when a person can step back and "awake" to their life with a new sense of being. What causes a spiritual awakening? Summary A spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything, from life-changing events like losing your job to traumas such as divorce or pandemics.

You feel disconnected or detached. You've reevaluated your beliefs. Your dreams are more vivid. You experience more synchronicities and déjà vu. Your relationships begin to shift.

As Awalens start Herbal dietary supplement deeply into the nature of our experience, we commonly make the sesne assumption that hliss is world Anti-obesity initiatives objects Awakens a sense of bliss there, and we, as the subject experience the world as Blood sugar level monitor from us. Ov said, even a simple intellectual analysis of our sense Awakens a sense of bliss will show pf the Awakkens Awakens a sense of bliss in fact experienced in the mind. For example, even though we might believe that the eye sees, all it does is receive light signals and it is our brain that interprets those light signals and creates a visual representation in the mind. It is the same with sound, the ear does not actually hear anything, it just receives sound waves and our brain interprets these sound signals to give us the experience of sound. Our experience of the world is through our sense objects. These sense objects receive signals, and then our brain interprets these signals to create a world out there that we experience. Awakens a sense of bliss

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