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Arthritis supports and braces

Arthritis supports and braces

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Arthritis supports and braces -

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Close shopping bag. Shipping, taxes, and discount codes calculated at checkout. View Bag. Check out. Your shopping bag is currently empty. If you want to wear any type of working splint while driving, contact your insurance company first for advice about whether your cover will be affected.

This is a wrap-around splint that has a metal bar inserted in a pocket on the palm side of your wrist. This helps to stabilise your wrist joint in a comfortable and efficient position.

This is a wrap-around splint that goes around your thumb and wrist. Some have an extra support for the thumb joints. This helps to stabilise the thumb. It's a good idea to wear cotton or rubber gloves over your splint, for example when gardening or cleaning, to help prevent it from getting dirty or wet.

If the splint contains a metal bar you should remove it if possible before the splint is washed. Check the position of the bar and be careful to replace it in the same position after washing the splint. Working splints can be hand-washed in warm soapy water and then air-dried.

Some splints can be washed in a washing machine, but you should check the label. It's best not to wear your splint all the time, otherwise your joints may become stiff.

When you take the splint off, make sure that you do some gentle wrist, finger and thumb exercises to help stop your joints from stiffening up.

If your skin is sore when you wear your splint then contact your rheumatology department or the therapist that issued the splint.

Any member of the healthcare team, including your doctor or rheumatology nurse can refer you to these services. Your therapist may be able to provide a splint or arrange for an orthotist to make one designed for your specific needs. Versus Arthritis About arthritis Treatments Splints.

Print this page Print. Share this page Share Share on Facebook Tweet LinkedIn. What are hand and wrist splints? There are two main types of splint: splints used while resting the joints of the hand and wrist splints used to support the hand and wrist while working.

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So supporys we. Sign up to our emails to receive braced and advice Arthritis supports and braces staying Sypports and suppots discounts. If you suffer from arthritis, you may want to consider wearing a support or brace to help you maintain your active lifestyle, as exercise such as simply walking, is proven to be good for arthritis. Variable Compression System products are designed by orthopaedic professionals and medically engineered to be wrap around supports for ease of application for arthritis sufferers. Additionally, the fully adjustable compression level is ideal for arthritis patients who suffer from swelling. Hand and wrist splints are Recovery nutrition for triathletes to protect and supports painful, swollen or Meeting performance goals while honoring dietary limits joints and Arthritls surrounding structures by making sure your hand and wrist are suppors correctly. Splints can be used for joints affected by arthritis or for other conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Whichever type of splint you use, it's best not to wear it all the time as this can increase stiffness in your joints. A resting splint supports your hand and wrist in the best position while you're resting. It can help reduce swelling and pain.


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